Westben presents
Digital Concerts at The Barn

It is an honour to once again share an array of short excerpts form performances from our Digital Concerts at The Barn!  Each segment features an excerpt taken from a fuller concert which was created in 2021 and 2022, and originally aired in 2022. Full performances are still available on our website: www.westben.ca)  

Westben’s Digital Concerts initially grew out of a desire to support our guest artists while staying connected with our many communities. We quickly realized that we had stumbled on to a whole new creative format in which to explore the musical experience in a completely new way, especially the relationship between music, musicians and setting. The explorations took us to many interesting places ranging from a the Westben Barn to the new outdoor Willow Hill Amphitheatre and the Westben Campfire, complete with smores! We captured an array of genres from classic to blues to folk and celtic. There were even a few originals, including excerpts from my 2017 opera, The Pencil Salesman as well as my 2001 musical SAMSON. We even had stories around the Campfire, courtesy of Chief Dave Mowat, of neighbouring Alderville First Nation.  

I am profoundly grateful to all the artists who participated so fully and enthusiastically in this project – each demonstrated a remarkable willingness (and trust) to explore right along with us! Special thanks too, to our incredible production team featuring Videographer/Editor Stephen Dagg (www.stephendagg.com), Audio Technician Andy Thompson (www.northumberlandmusic.com) and Production Coordinator David Vanderlip (david@westben.ca). Please enjoy these wonderful “silver linings” to a rather dark time by visiting www.westben.ca or at our Digital Venue www.westbendigitalvenue.ca. And more are coming! We will continue to present Digital Concerts at The Barn monthly (except the summer) throughout 2023.

– Brian Finley, Westben Artistic Director

Featured Artists and Performances

  1. “Alleluia” from Exultate jubilate, K. 165 (W.A. Mozart – Caitlin Wood, soprano; Brian Finley, piano
  2. “Delilah’s Song of Songs” from SAMSON (words & music by Brian Finley) Caitlin Wood, soprano; Brian Finley, piano Excerpt from Next Gen Leahy
  3. “Sunday in the Park (Sammy Jackson & Jacqueline Tay), Sammy Jackson, singer-songwriter; Tom Fleming, guitar
  4. “What is There to Say?” (Sammy Jackson) Sammy Jackson, singer-songwriter; Tom Fleming, guitar
  5. “Forever and a Day” from The Pencil Salesman (words & music by Brian Finley), Donna Bennett, soprano; John Fanning, baritone, Dan Warren, conductor
  6. “You don’ love me, baby” Chief Dave Mowat, harmonica & Clayton Yates, guitar
  7. “Tell me, Mama” Chief Dave Mowat, harmonica & Clayton Yates, guitar
  8. “Forest Friends” (music: “Intimacy No. 3” by Brian Finley), Rebecca Baptista & Lauren Lafayette-Brooks, interpretive dancers
  9. “You Keep Me Searching” Laila Biali, singer, piano; Ben Wittman, drums; Paco Luviano, bass
  10. “Assez Vif” from String Quartet in F Major (Ravel, arr. Philip Chiu) Philip Chiu, piano


NOTE: July in January videos are available for viewing until Monday, February 28.